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Proficiency Modules

The Proficiency Modules cover both theory and practical training in specific subjects, and are aimed at those needing to demonstrate a level of proficiency to carry out the area of work covered by the Module.

These examinations are usually taken at the end of training courses run by independent Course Providers who are registered with BOHS. It is possible to sit (or re-sit) the examination only, as an external candidate. In either case, all bookings and payments are made directly with the Course Providers and not through BOHS.

In most cases, the examination includes a written paper and a practical assessment and candidates must pass both elements, and for some of the Modules, the qualification is not complete without a further supporting submission of a report.

Subject areas 

Click on any of the links in the table below to download the detailed syllabuses, and the practical assessment and report requirements where applicable, for each Module.

Proficiency Module
Practical Assessment Report 
P302 Lighting at Work         Formative Practical AssessmentReport not required

P303 Fundamentals of Biological Hazards 


P304 Assessments under the COSHH Regulations P304 Formative Practical Assessment Guidance Report not required

P401 Identification of Asbestos in Bulk Samples (PLM) (start date 01/01/15) 

P401 Practical Assessment Guidance 

P401 Practical Examination Guidance (start date 01/01/15) 

P401 Formative Practical Assessment (start date 01/01/15) 

Report not required 

P402 Surveying and Sampling Strategies for Asbestos in Buildings (start date 01/01/15) 

 P402 Formative Practical Assessment (start date 01/01/15) 

P402 Written Exams Guidance (start date 01/01/15) 

Optional Module  

P402RPT Report Requirements 

P402RPT Additional Report Guidance 

P402RPT Certificate of Report Authoship Form 

P402 Refreshers:
P402R Management (Buildings Surveys and Sampling for Asbestos) 

P402R Refurbishment and Demolition (Buildings Surveys with Full Access Sampling for Asbestos)  

No practical assessment for either P402 Refresher Reports not required for either P402 Refresher 

P403 Asbestos Fibre Counting (PCM) (including Sampling Strategies) (start date 01/01/15) 

P403 Practical Examination Guidance (start date 01/01/15) 

P403 Formative Practical Assessment (start date 01/01/15) 


Report not required 


P404 Air Sampling and Clearance Testing of Asbestos (start date 01/01/15) 

P404 Formative Practical Assessment (start date 01/01/15) 

P404 Written Exams Guidance (start date 01/01/15) 

Report not required 

P405 Management of Asbestos in Buildings (start date 01/01/15)  

P405 Written Exams Guidance (start date 01/01/15)   

Report not required 
P407 Managing Asbestos in Premises, the Duty Holder Requirements No practical assessment

P407 Report Requirements 

P407 Certificate of Report Authorship Form 

P601 Thorough Examination and Testing of Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems 

P601 Formative Practical Assessment Guidance  

P601 Report Requirements 

P601 Additional Report Guidance 

P601 Certificate of Report Authorship Form   

P602 Basic Design Principles of Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems  No Practical AssessmentP602 Case Studies Information 
P603 Control of Hazardous Substances - Personal Protective Equipment No Practical AssessmentReport not required
P604 Performance Evaluation and Management of Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems    P604 Formative Practical Assessment 

P604 Report Requirements 

P604 Certificate of Report Authorship Form 

P701 Noise - Workplace Assessment  P701 Practical Assessment Guidance   Report not required
P702 Noise - Control and Environmental Noise Assessment         No Practical assessment    

P702 Report Requirements 

P702 Certificate of Report Authorship Form 

P703 Management and Assessment of Exposure to Hand-Arm Vibration P703 Formative Practical Assessment Guidance 

P703 Report Requirements 

P703 Certificate of Report Authorship Form 

P801 An Introduction to the Control of Dermal Exposure at Work  No practical assessment Report not required 
P900 Legionella - Maintenance and Testing of Control Measures for Domestic Hot and Cold Water Systems No practical assessment    Report not required
P901 Legionella – Management and Control of Building Hot and Cold Water Services No practical assessment Report not required 
P903 Legionella - Management and Control of Evaporative Cooling and Other High Risk Industrial Systems No practical assessment    

P903 Report Requirements 

P903 Certificate of Authorship 

P904 Legionella - Management and Control in Leisure, Display, Therapy and Other Non-Industrial Systems No practical assessment

 P904 Report Requirements 

P904 Certificate of Authorship 

How to study

Students can choose to take one or more of these courses, aiming for stand-alone qualifications, or groups of qualifications in areas of specific interest and relevance, such as with aspects of asbestos management, or LEV or legionella management.

Any candidate who has passed all five P401 to P405 asbestos Proficiency Modules will be deemed to have achieved the equivalent of the Occupational Hygiene Module S301 Asbestos and Other Fibres.

Any candidate who has passed P701, P702 and P703 noise and vibration Proficiency Modules will be deemed to have achieved the equivalent of the Occupational Hygiene Module M104 Noise and an Introduction to Vibration.

Three refresher examinations are also available for particular areas of asbestos management where guidance recommends regular re-training; these cover P402 and P404 and are listed in the table above.


There are no formal educational requirements for people wishing to study for any of the Proficiency Module qualifications. However, the courses do require some basic maths and science knowledge and relevant practical work experience, and students without this background may find the courses and examinations difficult. Recommendations for levels of prior knowledge are given on each syllabus.

Candidates wishing to take any of the Asbestos Refresher examinations must already hold the relevant full Proficiency Module qualification, or the Certificate of Competence in Asbestos.


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