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 Is a career in occupational hygiene for you?

Whether you’re considering a first degree, a postgraduate qualification, embarking on your working life, or contemplating a career change, this section of the site can help you decide whether occupational hygiene is the profession for you – and if it is, how you can get qualified.

A career in occupational hygiene will usually mean you come from a science or engineering based educational background; most hygienists have a science-related undergraduate degree, whether in pure maths or science, engineering or even health, medical or nursing.

Many people move into occupational hygiene from other disciplines – such as chemists, engineers, biologists, physicists, doctors and nurses. Even more choose to specialise after starting work in occupational safety roles, or from being a workplace safety rep.
Study routes 
There are different ways to undertake specialist occupational hygiene studies. And in the UK, these all lead to the highest UK occupational hygiene qualification – the BOHS Diploma of Professional Competence in Occupational Hygiene.

Books for studyingThe  pages set out the detail of BOHS’s modular and professional qualifications leading up to the Diploma – what subjects they cover, how they fit together, who runs the modular courses and how to book on to an exam. Our 'Your Professional Progression in Occupational Hygiene'  flyer in the Downloads box gives a brief overview.

Information about other graduate and postgraduate courses leading to qualifications in occupational hygiene which exempt the holders from our own Certificate and/or Diploma Core Examinations can be found under University & College Courses, with links from this page to the individual universities' relevant web pages. 

Hepound signlp with funding
We run a Bursaries for Modules Scheme which covers the cost of the first of any ‘core’  module or W201.

Awareness courses
BOHS approves a range of Awareness courses (these don’t lead to qualifications) as an introduction to some aspects of occupational hygiene.

Professional matters
The Faculty of Occupational Hygiene is the professional arm of BOHS and you can find out about its role in the Professional section.

Is a career in occupational hygiene for you? Find out what from some of our members have to say about what a career in occupational hygiene is like. 

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