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Workforce First

Based in the heart of the British motor industry, Workforce First provides bespoke occupational hygiene services to large and small engineering companies supplying the major motor manufacturers. We use modern monitoring techniques with independently calibrated equipment and note down all of the relevant conditions at the time of the survey to make each survey reproducible. We share good practice and make recommendations that we know work to reduce exposures to the hazards causing our clients problems, such as noise from fans, hand arm vibration from sanding and welding fume from welding stainless steel for example. We have been working with a national concrete products company for over 6 years and helped them win the QPA health and safety award for our joint work on controlling exposure to RCS. We appreciate that controls often involve engineering aspects, whether for noise, vibration or airborne contamination emissions. A key member of our staff is a specialist occupational hygienist who holds a degree in environmental engineering. He makes sure that local Exhaust Ventilation is THOROUGHLY examined and tested for our clients. Control will also involve management, whether in the form of training or behaviour audits or the practical management of coolant, we support our clients with resources to help. Please feel free to browse our website to see whether we are the right people for you

BOHS Approved LEV Awareness Course Training provider

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Leila Kirk CMFOH

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