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Watson, Wild & Baker Ltd

Watson, Wild & Baker is an innovative company that has no interests, other than assisting our client’s in making their premises safe and healthy helping them to comply with their legal duties and avoid unnecessary waste of time, trouble and expense. We aim to assist our clients by delivering accurate, brief, correct advice that is directed to their needs. To do this we keep it short and simple so that our clients know how to prevent and control the physical, chemical, biological and ergonomic health risks that arise within their premises. Our consultants are highly qualified, very experienced professionals who have worked in a wide range of work environments. We do the usual range of work, in an unusual way, including drafting and auditing policies and procedures, providing information, instruction and training, devising and implementing monitoring strategies, assessing the effectiveness of controls, and investigating injuries and workplace disease. We offer expert witness services for environmental health and occupational hygiene. We also offer problem solving services.


41 Hurworth Road
Hurworth Place

Dl2 2BN


07944 789632


01489 575336






Adrian Watson CFFOH

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