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Park Health & Safety Partnership

Park Health & Safety Partnership was founded with the aim of improving the strategic management of occupational health, safety and hygiene. Our experience goes beyond providing occupational health and hygiene support, to defining, managing and shaping that support – We aim to deliver services that allows companies to go beyond a traditional reactive and worker based approach to occupational health. Our prevention led strategy empowers our clients to proactively: eliminate occupational health hazards; limit exposure to health risk where hazard cannot be eliminated; ensure staff are fit for the work required of them; rehabilitate workers so that they can continue in employment and provide opportunity for workers to enhance their general health and wellbeing.

This company also provides the following services:
Air and noise monitoring

Hand Arm Vibration measurement

Assessment for works on contaminated land
Occupational Health
Wellbeing & Health Promotion
Safety Specialists

Training courses


Elsinore House
43 Buckingham Street

HP20 2NQ


01296 310450






Lawrence Waterman CMFOH

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