On 18 April 2017, organisations from across the UK infrastructure sector will take part in a national Stop. Make a Change event with sites, offices and production facilities putting work on hold to focus on how we can work together to build a healthier, safer industry.

One of the main themes of this event is around making improvements in respiratory health, which fits perfectly with the aims of BOHS’ Breathe Freely campaign.

As part of the campaign, we have produced the following resources – so if you are planning to take part in the Stop. Make a Change event, and plan to talk about respiratory health with your workers, then these resources are freely available for you on the Breathe Freely website:

  • Lung infographic poster, with key facts and statistics about respiratory disease in construction and in industry as a whole
  • Slide pack about respiratory health in construction, to enable you to deliver a talk to your workers about why lung disease is a problem which needs to be addressed;  the causes of lung disease in construction; and most importantly, the solutions which can be put into place to protect workers