BOHS, the Chartered Society for Worker Health Protection, is placing a major focus on the topic of ‘asbestos’ this autumn, as it continues to set the standards in asbestos qualifications and provide international leadership on protection against asbestos.  Not only will BOHS’ new faculty for asbestos professionals – the Faculty of Asbestos Assessment and Management (FAAM) – launch in London on 11 October 2017, but also the date will coincide with the first in BOHS’ programme of asbestos roadshows taking place during October and November.

Why attend the roadshows?

The roadshows are being run by BOHS, in conjunction with HSE, and will benefit companies who work with asbestos, in addition to those with responsibility for managing asbestos risks. They are critical for anyone who wants to keep up to date with key developments in the industry, including information regarding the duty to manage, and the HSE’s asbestos analyst inspection programme. Additionally, the roadshows present the opportunity to learn about BOHS’ new FAAM, and how it can benefit both individuals and the asbestos industry.

The full agenda will be published in due course. Planned subjects for inclusion are:

  • An overview of FAAM
  • Asbestos in Soils
  • Asbestos: the Dutyholder Guide
  • The legal perspective – sentencing guidelines
  • The HSE’s Analyst inspection programme
  • Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR 2012): a review

The asbestos roadshows’ schedule is as follows:

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The continuing need to focus on asbestos

Asbestos still kills around 5000 workers each year, with around twenty tradesmen dying each week as a result of past exposure.  Details of prosecutions for unsafe asbestos practises continue to be reported in the media with concerning regularity. Tackling issues related to asbestos remains a challenge, with the UK still possessing one of the highest rates of mesothelioma (a type of cancer linked to asbestos exposure) in the world. Cancer Research UK outlined that there were over 2,500 deaths from the disease in 2014, with 94% of cases being deemed as preventable.

BOHS continues to pioneer excellence in standards setting in the field of asbestos, and its latest initiative to continue this work is the launch of its Faculty of Asbestos Assessment and Management (FAAM).  FAAM’s overarching aim is to provide a professional home for the asbestos industry, by meeting key objectives within the profession. FAAM aims to:

  • Pursue excellence for all those who practise in the asbestos assessment and management profession
  • Establish, develop and maintain standards of competence in asbestos assessment and management practice for those who are members of FAAM
  • Act as the guardian of professional standards and ethics in the profession of asbestos assessment and management

To find out more about FAAM and how you can get involved, please click here.