BOHS, the Chartered Society for Worker Health Protection, is delighted to announce an impressive line-up of keynote speakers, and a dynamic programme for Inhaled Particles XII (IPXII), which will take place at the Glasgow Marriott Hotel from the 25 to 27 September 2017.

The keynote programme will feature the following sessions:

  • Professor Vicki Stone, Director of Nanosafety Research Group, Heriot-Watt University: Looking to the Future of Particle Inhalation & Health
  • Professor David Pui, University of Minnesota: New Approaches in Inhaled Particles: Aerosols to Disease
  • David Warheit, Toxicology and Risk Assessment (TRAC) Chemours Product Support and Sustainability Center, and Dr. Tom Gebel, Scientific Director at the Federal Institute of Occupational Safety and Health will debate the Evidence Based Classification of TiO2 as a Human Carcinogen
  • Ian Gilmour, Principal Investigator and Chief of the Cardiopulmonary and Immunotoxicology Branch at the U.S Environmental Protection Agency: Health Impact of Outdoor Air Pollution
  • Miranda Loh, Senior Research Scientist at Institute of Occupational Medicine: Future Priorities: From Safety-by-Design and Citizen Science to the Use of Big Data and Smart Monitoring

The full programme of keynotes can be accessed on the IPXII website.

Why Attend?

The Inhaled Particles Conference Series has a long and illustrious history – beginning in Oxford in 1960. A major aim of the conference series has been to ensure wide audience appeal by striving to always cover all particles, and all aspects of science associated with disease caused by the inhalation of particles. The primary aim of the conference is to be:

  • Small and forward looking, to promote discussion
  • Focused on the health impact of particle inhalation
  • Cross disciplinary – to update delegates regarding new research in: exposure science; epidemiology; and toxicology

In keeping with these aims, the theme for this 12th instalment of the conference focuses very much on the future, and will discuss new issues, new developments, and new techniques and analyses – in order to determine the key issues of the future in the field of inhaled particles, and how best to address them. The conference will offer delegates the opportunity to hear about new developments, in particles as diverse as: air pollution; asbestos; and graphene family nanomaterials.

Commenting on this year’s event, Karen Bufton, President of BOHS, said: “We look forward to warmly welcoming delegates to IPXII:  we’re delighted with the excellent programme for this year’s event, and believe it will have wide appeal for the delegates – covering a diverse range of particles. Additionally, the sessions will endeavour, wherever relevant, to mix disciplines around a central topic – this will provide the opportunity for toxicologists to learn about epidemiology, and exposure scientists to learn about pathology, etcetera. “

The Inhaled Particles conference is part of BOHS’ annual schedule of events, providing a varied and exciting programme – which aims to offer events not only just for occupational hygienists, but also for anyone with an interest in worker health protection. BOHS’ autumn events programme includes the Breathe Freely roadshows, which are part of the Breathe Freely campaign to control exposures in the workplace. More information on the Breathe Freely in Construction and the Breathe Freely in Manufacturing roadshows and campaigns can be accessed here.

Registration is now open for IPXII via this link. For businesses interested in sponsorship and exhibiting,  further information can be accessed here.