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Faculty of Occupational Hygiene

The Faculty of Occupational Hygiene is the professional arm of BOHS, formed as a result of the 2003 merger between BOHS and BIOH. Membership is restricted to BOHS members with specific qualifications in occupational hygiene and related subjects. All members of the Faculty are required to abide by its Code of Ethics. This has been developed to ensure that they act in such a way that the protection and preservation of worker health remains their paramount responsibility at all times, and to guide those who may be subject to contradictory pressures and enable them to act with integrity and objectivity. The Code of Ethics also provides a benchmark for clients, employers, other professionals and members of the general public to use where there is a question as to whether Faculty members have conducted themselves in an appropriate manner.

The Faculty Board consists of:

Registrar - Martin Stear
Assistant Registrar - Len Morris 
Chief Examiner - Ian Kellie

Qualifications Business Development - Terry McDonald
CPD Chair  - Neil Pickering
Faculty Board Member - Andrew Singleton
Faculty Board Member - Sarah Leeson

Only the Registrar is elected (and can be re-elected) annually, in April.

The role of the Faculty
As the examining board for the profession, the Faculty administers a suite of examinations and awards qualifications in occupational hygiene and allied subjects, and provides a qualifications’ verification service.

The Faculty also runs the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Scheme, which is mandatory for all non-retired Faculty members.

It maintains a Directory of Occupational Hygiene Services, which is available online or in hard copy, and is free of charge.

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