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Awards & Honours

3M Young Hygienist Award  

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The BOHS/3M Young Hygienist award, which recognises talent and encourages professional development in young hygienists, was won by Ankit Sharma, a 26-year-old deputy project manager with International Safety Systems in India. The 2015 Young Hygienist was presented with a framed certificate at the ceremony, having also won an all-expenses paid trip to the IOHA London 2015 conference, and one year’s free BOHS membership. We will hopefully open the award for entries later this year.

Thomas Bedford Prize

This was first ed in 1978 and is named after the first President of BOHS, Thomas Bedford CBE. It's the Society’s prime honour, marking outstanding contributions to the discipline of occupational hygiene, either in the general field or in work for the Society. The recipient is presented with a medal at the Annual Conference.   The winners are:



1978 D E Hickish 

1978 W H Walton OBE 

1978 C G Warner 

1978 P C G Isaac 

1978 R E Lane CBE 

1979 D Turner 

1980 C N Davies 

1980 T F Hatch 

1981 J S McLintock 

1984 S A Roach

1986 G A Hedgecock 

1986 J G Jones

1987 L Le Bouffant 

1989 G W Crockford 

1989 D Doran 

1990 E J King 

1995 P J Hewitt 

1995 J Steel 

1996 C J Bradley

1997 J G Underwood 

1998 J C McDonald 

1998 A McDonald


1997 J G Underwood 

1998 J C McDonald 

1998 A McDonald 

1999 D W Robinson 

2000 A Stewart 

2002 M H Claydon 

2002 H L Dalrymple 

2005 T L Ogden 

2011 M Piney  

2013 J Cherrie



Thomas Bedford Memorial Prize

Again named in honour of our first President, the Bedford Prize (as it is known) is BOHS's oldest award, instituted in 1967 and conferred not more than once every two years to the author or authors of the most outstanding paper published in the Annals of Occupational Hygiene.  In 2014 it was was jointly won by three scientists, Kate Jones and John Cocker of the Health and Safety Laboratory and Mark Piney of Piney Consulting Ltd. Kate Jones accepted a framed certificate and a shared cheque for £500 on behalf of the three winners for their paper in the Annals on isocyanate exposure control and evidence from biological monitoring.

Ted King and David Hickish Awards

These awards recognise the best candidates in each year from those who have achieved the BOHS Certificate of Operational Competence in Occupational Hygiene and Diploma of Professional Competence in Occupational Hygiene, respectively. They are named in honour of two past Presidents, both of whom were also Bedford Award recipients. The prize for each is £350. 

Brian Schmidt was the winner of the David Hickish Award for 2014 and Louise King and David Towler were the winner of the Ted King Award for 2014.

Working For A Healthier Workplace – The Peter Isaac Award

This is awarded annually in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the reduction of ill-health at work.  The award can be made to an individual, team or organisation.  Judging is done by a panel appointed by Council.  The prize is £1000 to be used to subsidise attendance at any health and safety conference, plus a specially engraved trophy for the year and a framed certificate signed by the President to keep.  Also included is complimentary attendance at the Annual Conference and free Society membership for the individual (or a representative from the team or organisation).  


The Award was initiated to mark BOHS's Golden Jubilie in 2003, and the latest winner, is Chris Money of ExxonMobil, for his project 'Empowering Occupational Hygiene to those who need it".

Nominations have now re-opened for 2015 with a closing date of 30th September 2015.   To apply read the guidelines here and good luck!

The Trevor Ogden Award

During it’s 60 year history, BOHS has made significant progress in its bid to protect worker health. This would not have been possible without the voluntary contributions of the Society’s members.

In recognition of this, and to mark the occasion of BOHS’ 60th anniversary in 2013, this award was introduced  to recognise outstanding voluntary contribution to the Society and to the profession of occupational hygiene.  It has now been awarded three times.  The first winner was Trevor Ogden himself , Bill Williams and now David O'Malley.

Honorary Lifetime Membership 

Bominations for honorary lifetime membership  from all voting members of BOHS. Council have introduced a nomination form which can be downloaded from from the downloads box on the left hand side. The decision(s) will be made at the December 2015  Council meeting, and any Honorary Memberships agreed will begin on the 1st January 2016.

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