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Directory of Occupational Hygiene Services


This is the only UK Directory of qualified Occupational Hygienists.     It lists companies who are able to provide qualified and experienced occupational hygienists and specialist occupational hygiene support services, with coverage throughout the UK.

All contacts listed within this Directory are members of our Faculty. Whilst this cannot be taken as an endorsement of an individual by BOHS, it does provide a degree of security, since entry into the Faculty is via professional examinations which, at the lowest grade, demonstrate a minimum of three years practical experience in the comprehensive practice of occupational hygiene.

Watch the video clip below to see what are the business benefits of occupational hygiene 


Employers are required by law to appoint “competent persons” to assist them in complying with their statutory duties in health and safety.  Within large organisations, occupational hygienists often fulfil this role as regards regulations on, for example, hazardous substances, asbestos, lead and noise.  Where specialist expertise is not available within their organisation, employers often contract occupational hygiene support services from external consultants.  Those with professional qualifications in occupational hygiene are uniquely suited to this task.

The benefits of using a professional occupational hygienist can be summarised thus:

  • The hygienist is trained, experienced and competent in the field of occupational hygiene.
  • The advice given by the hygienist is objective, technically valid and impartial.
  • The Faculty Member is bound by the Faculty’s Code of Ethics and is thereby responsible to his or her peers for maintaining the highest standards of technical and professional integrity.
  • The Faculty Member  is required to participate in a CPD scheme designed to maintain current knowledge in occupational hygiene.


Employers typically use a variety of criteria in selecting any contracted-in service, including:

  • personal recommendations from colleagues;
  • the background and experience of the service provider;
  • the availability of the provider within the employer’s time requirements;
  • the resources (including back-up capacity) available to the provider;
  • the likely cost of the services to be provided;
  • the capability of the provider to complete the project on time and within budget.


All of the above criteria are relevant to the process of selecting occupational hygiene services.


Before entering into any contract for the provision of occupational hygiene support services, employers are advised to:

a) contact one or more hygienist to obtain details of their background and experience;
b) if practicable, arrange for a preliminary visit by the hygienist(s) to discuss in detail the required scope of work;
c) establish exactly which individual hygienist would be responsible for managing the contract;
d) obtain a detailed quotation from the hygienist(s) specifying the objectives of the project, the means of achieving these, the time scale, the deliverables and the overall cost.


Employers should bear in mind that the experience and expertise of individual occupational hygienists and organisations listed within this Directory will vary.  Generally speaking, companies which list a Fellow (FFOH) or Member (MFOH) as the main contact will offer a greater breadth and depth of experience than those listing a Licentiate (LFOH) only.

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